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Successful Benefit!

The benefit was a total joy! It made me feel so deeply happy with my decision to homeschool with Consortium. I know many of you felt the same. What a lovely evening it was for all.

Our benefit was a huge success! Thanks so much to everyone that made it happen! Our students were brilliant and the food was delicious. We raised $3,200.00 for International Justice Mission! There will be an envelope at the front desk if anyone wishes to donate still.

Thanks so much again to Mrs. Selkis for heading up all the food, beautiful centerpieces and cooking and Mr. Pandolfo for setting up. Also, thank you to Mrs. Hyde and Mrs. Romeo-Mullen for all their work in the kitchen. Thanks again to Mrs. Aloise for all the lovely desserts and Mrs. Figueroa for ironing all the tablecloths.

Many thanks to Mr. Othon for volunteering his time to do the sound for the benefit. Thank you to everyone I forgot to thank!

Thanks to all our students that served food, cleaned, set-up, performed or preached. We had so many students volunteer. Please thank your children! It was such a special evening. I was so proud of all our students. Thank you for raising these talented, centered, kind, Christian young people.

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