Hudson Valley Consortium (HVC) is a program for home school students in grades K through 12 that offers a wide variety of academic classes as well as a fairly large number of enrichment classes.
Our Cooperative is a program for home schooling families with children in Kindergarten through Fifth grade. We offer a wide variety of quality enrichment programs as well as some academic classes. There is little or no homework in most classes. It is a cooperative and class costs cover only supplies. Parents teach most of the classes. Parents must stay with their children throughout the day and must contribute their time volunteering.
Our junior and senior high school classes do not run like a cooperative. Parents drop their students off for classes that will supplement their own home schooling. Parents are expected to help their students with their Consortium work at home as part of their home school experience.
The programs run concurrently on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the same building, and many families have children in both programs.
All participating families pay fees to help support the programs. Our cooperative has lower fees but includes a volunteer requirement, while the junior and senior high program has somewhat higher fees and a volunteer buyout. Please check the individual class descriptions for specific fees and requirements.