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Will my child still be able to get into college if I homeschool?

Yes! You do not need Consortium for this. However, listed below are some of the colleges Consortium students have been admitted to in the last few years.

  • Covenant College

  • George Washington University

  • Gordon College

  • Hamilton College

  • Houghton College

  • Hudson Valley Community College

  • Liberty University

  • Middlebury College

  • Purchase College - SUNY

  • The College of St. Rose

  • The King’s College

  • Union College

  • University at Albany - SUNY

  • University of Massachusetts at Amherst

  • University of Notre Dame

  • Wheaton College

Will my student be able to handle the coursework in college?

Yes. Most of our graduates find the transition to college very smooth. After all, they have been following a similar schedule of limited class time and have been working independently. In fact most of our students are honor students at their colleges.

Will my student be able to thrive in college if I home school?

Yes. You do not need Consortium for this to happen either. However, Consortium graduates tend to be very involved in their colleges. For example, in the last couple years two of our students have become Student Body President (Gordon College and HVCC). Other Consortium graduates have used their college years to start international non-profits, lead college mission trips, and become college publication editors, radio station directors and  presidents of political clubs on campus.

Do your teachers have degrees?

Many of our teachers are certified teachers. Nine have masters or doctorates in their field. Three were hired for their expertise in a given area.

How many students do your have at Consortium?

Just under 200.

What does Consortium cost?

Consortium is neither a co-op nor a school. Teachers are subcontracted to teach a given subject. Classes cost between $100.00 -$250.00 a semester. At registration families pay only for classes they choose. A study hall costs $30.00 a semester. In addition there is a building and an insurance fee each semester.

Can anyone join?

Parents and students will need to feel comfortable signing a non-denominational statement of Christian faith. We will want to talk to you and make sure we can meet your needs. Occasionally, families mistake our program for a cheap private school. We will want to talk to new families and make sure we are on the same page with similar expectations.

Can I come check you out in person?

Yes! Parents and students are welcome to check out our program and observe classes. Please click the button below if you would like to make an appointment. 

What social opportunities will my student have at Consortium?

Consortium offers clubs, competitions, a prom, dances, many field trips and a graduation ceremony.  We have both a winning Mock Trial and Science Olympiad teams.

Will my student be graded?

Yes. Our classes are graded by the teacher or an assistant. Students are expected to complete their homework assignments at home each week.

Is this really a non-denominational Christian program?

Yes. We have Methodists, Lutherans, Evangelicals,Episcopalians, Seed of Abraham, Catholics, Orthodox, Baptists and more.

Do I need to take a certain number of classes?

Yes.  Each student must take a minimum of 3 classes.

What classes must my child take?

You are in charge of your child’s education. You may pick whatever you think best fits the needs of your home school program. However, if you need help figuring out how to home school and comply with state standards we have veteran home school families that can help your family plan.

How does a day at Consortium look?

Students begin and end their day by signing in/out. Students rotate to their given classes or study halls. Lunch is at 12:00pm. There are study hall and front desk monitors to help students with any issues that arise during the day. Students are coming and going home at different times depending on their schedules. The front desk monitor keeps an eye on kids waiting to be picked up.

What happens at Lunch Period?

We highly encourage students to stay for lunches. It is an excellent way to get to know other students. Younger students must eat in the lunch room for younger students. High school students eat separately. They have the option to leave campus if they have written approval from their parents. We usually have a hot lunch option available. Parents receive emails detailing these options and their cost.

Can my student come hang out between classes?

No. This is a formal program. Students must be in a class or a study hall at all times.

How much work is expected of parents?

Families may choose to pay a $60.00 a semester fee or choose from a variety of volunteer options at registration. Parental involvement ranges from hours every week to those who just drop off their students and leave. Many parents donate big chunks of time in order to keep our costs very low.

Do I have to volunteer?

No. You may buy out of volunteering if you are in a season where it is difficult for you to volunteer. However, this is a volunteer run program. If possible, we would really appreciate your help.

Is this an online program?

No. Consortium’s philosophy is that most students benefit more from live instruction and interaction with likeminded peers than from video instruction. We have found that our model not only is more engaging to most students, but it helps students thrive in college and the real world. The mix of home and Consortium yields very positive results.

Is Consortium only for brilliant students?

No. While we do seem to have more than our fair share of very bright students, this is not our sole focus. We offer both rigorous and less challenging classes. Our mission is to help students with different ability levels.

Why are some classes divided up in unusual ways?

Consortium is designed to supplement a family’s home school experience. This means that some subjects are divided very differently than schools. We offer pieces of some topics, optional tutoring labs and different levels of help. For example, a student with strong math help at home might just be interested in the social experience of group problem solving and games in our math enrichment classes. Another student may be interested in a math instruction class. Another may need instruction-based classes and two math tutoring slots to meet his needs. Our English classes work in a similar manner. One student may be interested in just taking a literature class for the experience of being in a class with a peer group. Another family may need help with basic skills like spelling and grammar. Another may desire the challenge of our English class for college credit. Families choose which classes will meet their needs.

How do I register?

Please contact us to schedule a visit.  We will talk with new families to ascertain that Consortium is a good fit for their family. Occasionally, families mistake Consortium for a cheap private school. It is essential that families realize this is a home schooling program. Families must feel comfortable signing the Nicene Creed or our statement of faith. Since we keep our number of students constant we are only replacing people that have moved or graduated.  We have registration in May and December.

Can I get a refund on a class?

No refunds are provided following the end of the registration period. 

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