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Consortium's Science Olympiad Team Wins a spot at the NY State Competition for the Third Straigh

Consortium's Science Olympiad team medaled in 15 of the 24 events and we had an additional three 4th place finishes which were essential to our overall team score.

This is an honor for any school. But, it is am amazing feet for out team We are competing against school teams with 3-D printers and tens of thousands of dollars in funding.

Science Olympiad is open to all Consortium students. Consider joining the team next year!

1st Place

Crime Busters – Sarah Winne and Kaitlyn Wiese

Herpetology* – Tim Lindstrom and Basil Gutch

Road Scholar – Brayden Box and Riley Box

Wind Power – Jesse Robinson and Riley Box

2nd Place

Experimental Design – Jade Carter, Jesse Robinson, and Brayden Box

Invasive Species – Alidjah Barcelon and Ryan Joy

Microbe Mission – Samantha Van Valkenburgh and Shirley Martin

Mission Possible - Samantha Van Valkenburgh, Zen Hagen, and Ryan Joy

Optics - Ryan Joy and Riley Box

Rocks and Minerals – Jesse Robinson and Brayden Box

Wright Stuff – Joseph Gutch and Riley Box

Write It/Do It - Riley Box and Brayden Box

3rd Place

Herpetology* – Gabriel Robinson and Michael Joy

Dynamic Planet – Joseph Gutch and Tim Lindstrom

Meteorology - Sarah Winne and Kaitlyn Wiese

Scrambler – Basil Gutch and Alidjah Barcelon

Towers - Kaitlyn Wiese And Sarah Winne

*As we had a few more than 15 Olympians this year we had a second small team. Herpetology is HVC's first event in which we medaled with 2 teams!

4th Place Honorable Mentions

Disease Detectives– Ian Shaughnessy and Riley Box

Hovercraft – Tim Lindstrom and Brayden Box

Food Science – Jade Carter and Samantha Van Valkenburgh

Special thanks to parent & volunteer coaches & those who assisted in many ways this season:

Tom Gutch – Hovercraft

Cat Haller – Experimental Design / Crime Busters

Brian Shaughnessy – Towers

Rebekah San San Ho - Optics

Caroline Weerstra – Anatomy

Nina VanValkenburgh – Food Science, Microbes

Paul VanValkenburgh – Mission Possible, Bottle Rocket

Pati Robison / Jen Winne – Equipment Usage & Consulting

Denise Thomsen – AAA Maps

Helen Hagen - Promotions

High School "C" Team Students – Junior Coaching Help

Angelisa Box, Wanda Carter – T-shirts & Fundraising

Yvonne Joy – Food Coordination


More pictures can be viewed at

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