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HVC Mock Trial Team Secures a Spot at the Albany County Semi-finals!

HVC Mock Trial Team Secures a Spot at the Albany County Semi-finals!

The HVC Mock Trial Team continued its winning streak last Wednesday in another critical win over Voorheesville. This is the 16th consecutive win in the Albany County tournament since the team formed in 2014. We played the defense and had the honor of having a federal judge preside over the trial. Last week's win earned the team a spot as the #1 seeded team in Albany County. Final four teams are HVC, Guilderland, Bethlehem and Cohoes. On April 4th, we will play the defense against Cohoes in the semi-finals.

Once again, our lawyers commanded the courtroom. Gloria Senecal hit a home run with a confident and intelligent opening that evidenced the team's many hours of practice and preparation. Hannah Warrender gave a skillful and delicate cross-examination that impressed the judge. Priscilla Capuano concluded the proceedings with a final passionate plea to win the judge's approval.

Our defense team played two first time witnesses. Ben Mousseau played Detective Leslie Smith who is accused of malicious prosecution. Playing Trooper Sam Perkins, Kelsi McHerron gave a convincing explanation of how a one-way mirror works in a police interrogation room. Third year mock trialer, Michael Cuke's performance as the expert witness, Dr. Lee Trimble, was both humorous and inspiring.

Andrew Aloisi once again served as the official timekeeper for the trial.

Every student in mock trial not only learns about the law and professionalism, but we also learn teamwork and team spirit. While not every student has a performing role, each student plays an important role. Practices are intense, but fun. Students practice during class, during study halls, and during school breaks. Everyone is committed to the success of the team.

Students are always mindful of the biggest role that they have at these trials – representing homeschoolers, HV Consortium, their families and most of all Christ. The team prays together often and always before every trial. While our students may appear to be powerhouse professionals dressed in their sharp suits, carrying their black binders and yellow legal pads, they are always humble, courteous and helpful at the courthouse. We have earned a reputation for being tough, but always playing fair.

Please continue to pray for the team in their preparations. They are talented, committed and two trials away from winning the Albany County Championships!

Either one of these upcoming trials could knock HVC out of play for the season. Please congratulate the students and encourage them to keep up the good work!

Semi-finals – April 4

Finals – April 12

Regionals - April 22

States – May 21


Gloria Senecal

Hannah Warrender

Nate Duffy

Priscilla Capuano


Taisie Harrington

Ben Bohl

Ben Mousseau

Michael Cuke

John Senecal

Kelsi McHerron

John Gutch

Madeline Shafer

Andrew Aloisi

Grace Gutch

Ainsley Hosley


Charlie DesRosier

Leandra Rhodes

Susie Colandrea

Angela McCauley

Katherine Shafer

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