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Congratulations to Science Olympiad High School Team!

Be sure to congratulate our Science Olympiad High School team! They competed at the Regional Competition which has 20 teams working at a high level including 3 top-ranked schools in NY State - one which also ranks high nationally. But our team's hard work showed through by medaling in 5 events and placing in the top ten in another 4 events (listed below). As a team, we placed 12th out of 20 even though we had 6 empty spots on the team roster and could not participate in all events. Perhaps one of those spots could be you next year! This excellent team is a wonderful way to get to know other Consortium families.


2nd place medals:

Herpetology - Tim Lindstrom, Leandra Rhoades

Mouse Trap Vehicle - Ella Grace Rieder, Laura Thomsen

5th place medals:

Disease Detectives - Ella Grace Rieder, Leandra Rhoades

Fermi Questions - Jesse Robinson, Tim Lindstrom

Helicopters - Jesse Robinson, Zen Hagen

8th place medals:

Experimental Design - Leo Hagen, Laura Thomsen, Jesse Robinson

Rocks and Minerals - Jesse Robinson, Tim Lindstrom

9th place:

Game On - Ella Grace Rieder, Tim Lindstrom

Optics - Zen Hagen, Joel Hayner

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