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Standardized Testing May 21st and 23rd

Consortium's standardized testing will be held on May 21 and May 23. We will be in the air-conditioned rooms. Testing begins at 9:00. Your child will most likely be done at noon. Snacks and pencils are provided. Bring a small ruler and a calculator.

Please keep in mind that high school students are required by state law to test each year. Junoir high every other year is required. You will need to do this to get your letter of completion too.

Unless you have already signed up with Consortium, it's too late to test with us, However, below the company we use. If you do not have another plan, they will send a test to your home. Most, but not all, school districts will accept home testing. Families in many school districts may submit the SAT. This is next offered in June.

Family Learning Organization

(800) 405-8378

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